• Continuing and sustaining kanisius.com project 😐
  • Focus on ShARE-ITB development
  • Join HMIF
  • Take Information System and Technology Study Program
  • Go to ACM ICPC Malaysia regional

8 Responses to “My Future Plans”

  1. Leon Says:

    WTF??? “Helping Leon to improve his division”?

  2. oldark Says:

    @Leon : klo ga amu dibantu ya udah, gw strike through poin itu :p

  3. Leon Says:

    Ampun dah… Iya-iya mau deh… 😛

  4. monicantik Says:

    gosh, you are so professional!
    you know what my future plans are?
    -lose weight
    -buy a louis vuitton bag
    -get a pair of manolo blahnik shoes
    -and take a vacation with you!
    -well,,dapet nilai baguslah.haha

  5. benaga Says:

    oi karol!

    lw masi inget gw gak??

    weleh.. kayaknya udah lupe neh..

    gw denger lw ktanya maw ke ntu.. kapan tu?

  6. adhit Says:

    hmm… rol! agak bingung ni gw… mnurut lw gimana klo gw bikin tes sabtu bsok. 10 soal:3 gampang, 3 susah. bobot bervariasi, yg plg gmpang 10, plg susah 100. gw tentuin batas buat k div olim: 150. gmn? soalnya brdiskusi dgn henry tdk menyelesaikan masalah…

  7. monicantik Says:

    hey rol might as well add this to your list:
    ask my girl to a romantic date without any meetings bothering me, and succesfully take her home and have a great time with her without being chased by time. :p *peace,man.*

  8. monicantik Says:

    ih wishlistnya udah basi rol, update dong! haha

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