Buat teman – teman yang punya account Gmail n biasa pake browser based email client, coba perhatikan baik – baik di sudut kiri atas. Ada gambar logo Gmail seperti ini :


Perhatikan baik – baik, kalau perlu didownload gambarnya and di zoom. Jelas kan ada tulisan BETA di pojok kanan bawah? Perasaan gw ud punya account di Gmail sejak 2005, tapi udah 2 tahun kok ga ilang – ilang yah status BETA nya ?

Menurut (lagi – lagi) Wiki, A beta version is the first version released outside the organization or community that develops the software, for the purpose of evaluation or real-world black/grey-box testing. The process of delivering a beta version to the users is called beta release. Beta level software generally includes all features, but may also include known issues and bugs of a less serious variety. Teman – teman yang punya account di Gmail pernah merasakan gejala bugs dari Gmail ga ? Gw si secara pribadi ga pernah. Kalau ada yang pernah, bisa comment di post ini.


“As the Internet has allowed for rapid and inexpensive distribution of software, companies have begun to take a more flexible approach to use of the word “beta”. Netscape Communications was infamous for releasing alpha level versions of its Netscape web browser as public beta releases. In February 2005, ZDNet published an article about the recent phenomenon of a beta version often staying for years and being used as if it were in production-level [1]. It noted that Gmail and Google News, for example, had been in beta for a long period of time and were not expected to drop the beta status despite the fact that they were widely used; however, Google News did leave beta in January 2006. This technique may also allow a developer to delay offering full support and/or responsibility for remaining issues. In the context of Web 2.0, people even talk of perpetual betas to signify that some software is meant to stay in beta state. Also, “beta” is sometimes used to indicate something more like a release candidate such as the Halo 3 public beta.”

Ternyata begitu…. :p. Tapi, itu kan kata Wikipedia, gak tahu alasan kenapa Google tetap memasang titel BETA Version. Ada yang tahu ? Ingin berkomentar ?